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NVidia Gtx 950M 4GB Aio Vc 904730-001
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HP Envy 27-B 34-B All-in-One Series Nvidia GTX 950M 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Video Card 904730-001.

NVidia GPU Model Number:
GTX 950M
HP Model Name: Schumi
HP Part Number: 904730-001


GPU Memory: 4GB
Memory Type: GDDR5

Compatible Models:

Envy 27" AIO Series:
Envy 27-B001LA 27-B003LA 27-B010 27-B011 27-B014 27-B019 27-B021 27-B025SE 27-B100LA 27-B100NB 27-B100ND 27-B100NE 27-B100NF 27-B100NG 27-B100NH 27-B100NJ 27-B100NL 27-B100NO 27-B100NQ 27-B100NT 27-B100NU 27-B100NV 27-B100NW 27-B100NX 27-B100NY 27-B100UR 27-B101LA 27-B101NF 27-B101NG 27-B101NK 27-B101NL 27-B101NO 27-B101NP 27-B101NQ 27-B101NU 27-B101NX 27-B101NY 27-B101UR 27-B102NF 27-B102NP 27-B102NU 27-B102NX 27-B102NY 27-B103NF 27-B103NP 27-B103NX 27-B104NF 27-B105NA 27-B105NF 27-B105NL 27-B107NA 27-B107NO 27-B109NA 27-B110 27-B110NB 27-B110NH 27-B110NL 27-B110NO 27-B110UR 27-B111 27-B111NB 27-B111NF 27-B111UR 27-B112NB 27-B112NF 27-B112NY 27-B112UR 27-B113NF 27-B113UR 27-B114 27-B116UR 27-B119 27-B120 27-B120NI 27-B120NO 27-B120NP 27-B120QD 27-B121NI 27-B123NB 27-B135T 27-B145SE 27-B150NA 27-B150NC 27-B150NS 27-B150UR 27-B153NG 27-B154NG 27-B155QD 27-B160NZ 27-B170NA 27-B170NJ 27-B170NS 27-B170UR 27-B171NS 27-B171UR 27-B180NZ 27-B190NA 27-B190NZ 27-B199NZ

Envy 34" Curved AIO Series: Envy Curved 34-B000NA 34-B000ND 34-B000NE 34-B000NF 34-B000NG 34-B000NI 34-B000NJ 34-B000NK 34-B000NL 34-B000NN 34-B000NO 34-B000NQ 34-B000NT 34-B000NV 34-B000NY 34-B000UR 34-B001LA 34-B001NE 34-B001NF 34-B001NP 34-B001NQ 34-B001NY 34-B002LA 34-B002NF 34-B002NY 34-B003LA 34-B003NF 34-B004LA 34-B004NF 34-B005NQ 34-B006NF 34-B007NF 34-B008NL 34-B010NB 34-B010NF 34-B010NL 34-B010NO 34-B010QE 34-B011UR 34-B012NF 34-B012NY 34-B013NF 34-B015T 34-B021NH 34-B021NP 34-B024NB 34-B025NB 34-B025XT 34-B026NB 34-B030UR 34-B050NA 34-B050NC 34-B051NG 34-B070NA 34-B070NX 34-B071NS 34-B073NS 34-B080NL 34-B090NZ

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