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Hp Kb Palmrest Assy L18949-001 No Tp
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Item Code:
Part Number:
Compatible Part Numbers:
L22403-001 L12573-001 SG-93200 4600EB130021 4900E8070L0194000372VL01 490.0E807.0L01 T19093000882 46M0E8CS0079 4650E80B0001
Compatible Models:
HP Pavilion x360 14T-CD000 14T-CD100 14-CD0001TU 14-CD0001TX 14-CD0004TU 14-CD0005TX 14-CD0009TX 14-CD0011TU 14-CD0015TU 14-CD0023TU 14-CD0027TU 14-CD0034TU 14-CD0037TU 14-CD0042TX 14-CD0045TX 14-CD0056TU 14-CD0058TU 14-CD0059TX 14-CD0071TU 14-CD0073TU 14-CD0079TX 14-CD0081TX 14-CD0082TU 14-CD0084TU 14-CD0121TU 14-CD1003TU 14-CD1006TU 14-CD1008TU 14-CD1014TU 14-CD1018TU 14-CD1020TU 14-CD1021TX 14-CD1022TX 14-CD1030TX 14-CD1041TX 14-CD1042TX Series
Item Description

HP Pavilion x360 14-CD 14T-CD Series Pale Gold Black Laptop Top Case Keyboard Palmrest Assembly L18949-001.

Keyboard Language: US English, Model: SN8171
Color: Pale Gold & Black
Type: Keyboard Palmrest Assembly

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