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Hp DV9000 German Keyboard 441541-041
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Compatible Part Numbers:
AEAT5G00010 MP-06706D0-9201
Compatible Models:
HP Pavilion DV9700 DV9500Z DV9899XX DV9332EU DV9337EU DV9338EU DV9830US DV9843CL DV9854CA DV9858CA DV9220EU DV9221EA DV9266EU DV9274EU DV9275EA DV9276EA DV9295EU DV9316EA DV9317EA DV9318EA DV9344EA DV9345EU DV9372EU DV9375EU DV9505EG DV9520EG DV9530EG DV9533EG DV9535EG DV9555EG DV9560EG DV9565EG DV9580EG DV9585EG DV9590EG DV9643EG DV9646EG DV9652EG DV9660EG DV9664EG DV9667EG DV9668EG DV9670EG DV9673EG DV9674EG DV9675EG DV9682EG DV9684EG DV9687EG DV9688EG DV9689EL DV9691EG DV9694EG DV9695EG DV9720EG DV9722EG DV9750EZ DV9764EG DV9765EG DV9767EG DV9769EG DV9770EG DV9773EG DV9775EG DV9778EG DV9780EG DV9784EG DV9785EG DV9787EG DV9788EG DV9790EG V9805EG DV9810EG DV9812EG DV9825EG DV9827EG DV9830EF DV9830EG DV9842EG DV9851EG DV9852EG DV9853EG DV9865EG DV9868EG DV9876EG DV9880EG DV9890EG Series
Item Description

HP Pavilion DV9000 Series Laptop Black German Keyboard 441541-041.

Keyboard Language: German
Color: Black
Type: Laptop Keyboard

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