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Hp DV7 Dual Usb-A I/O Board 605348-001
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HP Pavilion DV7-4003XX DV7-4008CA DV7-4020TX DV7-4024TX DV7-4025TX DV7-4028TX DV7-4038CA DV7-4038CL DV7-4038TX DV7-4039TX DV7-4040TX DV7-4051NR DV7-4053CL DV7-4054CA DV7-4057CA DV7-4058CA DV7-4060US DV7-4061NR DV7-4063CA DV7-4065DX DV7-4069WM DV7-4070US DV7-4071NR DV7-4072NR DV7-4073CA DV7-4073NR DV7-4074CA DV7-4077CL DV7-4078CA DV7-4080US DV7-4087CL DV7-4090CA DV7-4101TX DV7-4101XX DV7-4102TX DV7-4103TX DV7-4104CA DV7-4104TX DV7-4105TX DV7-4106TX DV7-4107TX DV7-4108TX DV7-4109TX DV7-4110TX DV7-4111TX DV7-4112TX DV7-4113TX DV7-4114TX DV7-4115TX DV7-4116TX DV7-4117TX DV7-4118TX DV7-4119TX DV7-4120TX DV7-4127CA DV7-4138CA DV7-4148CA DV7-4151NR DV7-4153CA DV7-4153CL DV7-4154CA DV7-4157CL DV7-4163CA DV7-4165DX DV7-4167CA DV7-4169WM DV7-4170US DV7-4171US DV7-4173US DV7-4174CA DV7-4177CA DV7-4177NR DV7-4178CA DV7-4178NR DV7-4179NR DV7-4180US DV7-4182NR DV7-4183CL DV7-4190US DV7-4191NR DV7-4197CL DV7-4198CA DV7-4223CA DV7-4248CA DV7-4260CA DV7-4263CL DV7-4264CA DV7-4267CL DV7-4270US DV7-4272US DV7-4273US DV7-4274NR DV7-4278NR DV7-4285DX DV7-4288CA DV7-4289US DV7-4290US DV7-4292NR DV7-4294NR DV7-4295US DV7-4296NR DV7-4297CL DV7-5001TX DV7-5001XX DV7-5002TX DV7-5003TX DV7-5004TX DV7-5005TX DV7-5006TX DV7-5007TX DV7-5008TX DV7-5009TX DV7-5010TX DV7-5011TX DV7-5012TX DV7-5070CA DV7-5094CA DV7T-4000 DV7T-4100 DV7T-5000 DV7-4031TX DV7-4035TX DV7-4130EW Series
Item Description

HP DV7-4000 DV7-5000 DV7T-4000 DV7T-5000 Series Laptop Dual USB-A Interface I/O Board with Cable 605348-001.

Input/Output Ports: 2x USB
Type: I/O Board

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