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Hp Converter To Panel Cable 667000-001
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Item Code:
667000-001 DD0WJ2TH000
Item Description

HP TouchSmart 620-1000 3D Edition Series WJ2 MB TO LCD Converter To Panel Cable Assembly 667000-001.

HP Part Number:
Compatible Part Numbers:
Compatible Models: HP TS 620-1010in 3D Edition PC INDIA HP TS 620-1068hk 3D Edition PC HK HP TS 620-1110in 3D Edition PC INDIA HP TS 620-1120a 3D Edition PC AUST HP TS 620-1120jp 3D Edition PC JPN2 HP TS 620-1130a 3D Edition PC AUST HP TS 620-1130jp 3D Edit PC JPN2 HP TS 620-1150kr 3D Edition PC KOR HP TS 620-1188d 3D Edition PC A/P HP TS 620-1188hk 3D Edition PC HK HP TouchSmart 620-1080 3D Edition Desktop PC HP TouchSmart 620-1088cn 3D Edition PC P HP TouchSmart 620-1088d 3D Edition PC A/ HP TouchSmart 620-1088hk 3D Edition PC H HP TouchSmart 620-1110 3D Edition CTO Desktop PC HP TouchSmart 620-1170 3D Edition Desktop PC

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