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Hp Compaq V6000 Optical Drive 431412-001
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HP Compaq Presario V6000TX V6105NR V6171CL V6205NR V6210CA V6210US V6215CA V6216CA V6305CA V6305NR V6310CA V6316CA V6318CA V6320CA V6405CA V6415CA V6420US V6202EA V6222EA V6225BR V6230BR V6241EA V6268EA V6315TU V6318TU V6319TU V6321TU V6322TU V6336EA V6337EA V6399XX V6314EA V6328EA V6343EA V6000AU V6000T V6000Z V6001AU V6002AU V6003AU V6004AU V6012EA V6014EA V6016EA V6024EA V6025EA V6057EA V6065EA V6066EA V6100 V6101AU V6101EU V6101TU V6102AU V6102EA V6102TU V6103AU V6103EA V6103NR V6104AU V6104NR V6104US V6105AU V6105EA V6105TU V6106AU V6106TU V6107AU V6107TU V6108AU V6108EA V6108TU V6109AU V6109EA V6109TU V6110AU V6110EA V6110TU V6111AU V6111TU V6112AU V6112EU V6112TU V6113EA V6114EA V6115EA V6115EU V6115OM V6115TU V6116TU V6117EU V6117TU V6118TU V6119TU V6120TU V6121TU V6122TU V6123TU V6124TU V6125TU V6126EU V6126TU V6127EA V6127TU V6128EA V6128EU V6128TU V6129TU V6131EU V6133EU V6134TU V6135TU V6136TU V6137EU V6137TU V6138TU V6139EU V6139TU V6140TU V6141TU V6142TU V6143TU V6144EA V6145EA V6145TU V6146TU V6147EA V6147TU V6148EA V6148TU V6149EA V6149TU V6150EA V6150TU V6151EA V6155EA V6155TU V6156TU V6157TU V6180EA V6181EA V6182EA V6198XX V6200 V6200XX V6201AU V6202AU V6203AU V6203TU V6204AU V6204EA V6204TU V6204US V6205AU V6205TU V6206AU V6206TU V6207AU V6207TU V6208AU V6208TU V6209AU V6209TU V6210AU V6210TU V6211AU V6211TU V6212AU V6212EA V6212TU V6213AU V6213EA V6213TU V6214AU V6214TU V6215AU V6215BR V6215TU V6216EA V6216TU V6217EA V6217TU V6218EA V6218TU V6219TU V6221EU V6222TU V6223EA V6223EU V6223TU V6224EA V6233EU V6239EU V6254EA V6261EU V6263EA V6264EA V6272EU V6301AU V6301TU V6302AU V6302EU V6302TU V6303AU V6304AU V6304TU V6305TU V6307TU V6308TU V6309TU V6310TU V6311TU V6312TU V6316EA V6316TU V6317TU V6325EA V6329EA V6330EA V6332EA V6335EA V6337EU V6340EU V6341EA V6342EA V6345EA V6401AU V6402AU V6403AU V6403TU V6404AU V6404TU V6405TU V6406AU V6406TU V6407TU V6408TU V6409TU V6410ET V6410TU V6411TU V6412TU V6413TU V6414TU V6415TU V6416TU V6418TU V6419TU V6420ET V6420TU V6423TU V6424TU V6425TU V6428TU V6430EE V6430EN Series
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Item Description

HP Compaq Presario V6000 Series AD-7560A IDE Interface DVD-RW DVD-ROM Internal Laptop Optical Drive Bezel Assembly 431412-001.

Storage Interface: IDE/ATAPI
Firmware: DH10-C
Optical Drive: DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM
Form Factor: 5.25" x 1/6H (Slim Line)
Type: Optical Disk Drive

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