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Hp 14-DW 14M-DW Bottom Cover L96487-001
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HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 14-DW (14-DW1077NR, 14-DW0001LA, 14-DW0073TU, 14-DW0078TU, 14-DW0079TU, 14-DW0084TU, 14-DW0085TU, 14-DW0090TU, 14-DW0091TU, 14-DW0096TU, 14-DW1518TU, 14-DW0004TU, 14-DW0048TU, 14-DW0049TU, 14-DW0058TU, 14-DW0060TU, 14-DW0061TU, 14-DW0062TU, 14-DW0063TU, 14-DW0131TU, 14-DW1016TU, 14-DW1017TU, 14-DW1018TU, 14-DW1019TU, 14-DW1020TU, 14-DW1023TU, 14-DW1024TU, 14-DW1027TU, 14-DW1056TU, 14-DW1058TU, 14-DW1081TU, 14-DW1082TU); 14M-DW (14M-DW0023DX, 14M-DW1023DX, 14M-DW1033DX); 14T-DW (14T-DW000, 14T-DW100) Series
Item Condition Description:
Please note, this item is used and has scuffs and scratches, as well as missing rubber feet, but is fully operational and functions as intended!
Item Description

HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 14-DW 14M-DW 14T-DW Series Laptop Luminous Gold Bottom Base Cover L96487-001.

Color: Luminous Gold
Type: Laptop Bottom Base Cover

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