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Gateway 4006126R 106832 Motherboard
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Gateway 31MA7MB0000 MT6841 MX6900 Motherboard. Gateway meets the current and future demands of high performance, power embedded computing, making it ideal for communications, transaction terminal, interactive client, industrial automation applications as well as for standard home use.

Manufacturer: Gateway
Part number: 31MA7MB0000 4006126R 106832 10MBZZZ19J1 QND10MBZZZ19J1


 Supported: Intel® Core Duo and Celeron® M CPUs Package: 479-pin, uFCPGA
 FSB: 533/667 MHz
 Thermal: Digital Thermal Sensor
 Sockets: 2 SO-DIMM Sockets, Both User Accessible
 Type: DDR-II 533/667 MHz
 Maximum Memory: 2 GB

Compatible Models:

NX510S, NX510X, NX570XL, NX570X , NX570QS

MP6954, MP6954h

MX6217j, MX6919, MX6920h, MX6920, MX6921b, MX6922b, MX6923b, MX6924j, MX6926b, MX6927, MX6930, MX6930h, MX6931, MX6932b, MX6933b, MX6935m, MX6936m, MX6937m, MX6938m, MX6939m, MX6941m, MX6942m, MX6943m, MX6944m, MX6945m, MX6947m, MX6951, MX6952j, MX6955, MX6956, MX6957, MX6958, MX6959, MX6960, MX6961, MX6961h,

MT6221j, MT6821, MT6823b, MT6824b, MT6825b, MT6840



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