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Gateway 30" Lcd Tv Home Theater Speakers
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Item Code:
7004987 2800523
Item Description

Gateway 30" LCD TV Home Theater Speakers. These Speakers Are Exclusively For Use With The Gateway 30-inch LCD TV. These Speakers Can Stand Alone or be Mounted on the Sides of the TV.

Related Part Numbers: 2800523 7004692 7004987.





30-Inch LCD TV External Speakers Specifications
Impedance Characteristic8 ohm at 1.0V 400Hz
Application Frequency Range100Hz ~ 20KHz
Efficiency(1W/1m)85dB (Average ) at 500,600,800,1000Hz
Nominal Power10W
Maximum Power20W
Dimensions (W × H)Single speaker: 5.51 × 19.17 inches (140 × 487 mm)
Overall when speakers are mounted on the 30-inch LCD TV:
39.91 × 19.17 inches (1013.8 × 487 mm)



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