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Dell Us Keyboard W/ Palmrest 5695W
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Item Code:
05695W CN-05695W RT7D10
Item Description

Dell RT7D10 Midnight Gray US English 104-Keys USB Wired Multimedia Standard Desktop Keyboard With Palmrest 5695W 05695W CN-05695W.

Dell Part Number: 5695W 05695W CN-05695W
Model Number: RT7D10
Compatible Models: Dell Dimension 2200 2300 4300 4400 4500 4550 4550 (400MHZ) 4550 (533MHZ) 8100 8200 8200 (400MHZ) 8200 (533MHZ) Inspiron 4100 GX150 GX150 Desktop GX150 Mini-tower GX150 Small Form Factor GX150 Ultra Small Form Factor GX240 GX240 Desktop GX240 Mini-tower GX240 Small Form Factor GX260 Desktop GX260 Mini-tower GX260 Small Form Factor GX400 GX50 GX50 (1.2 GHZ AND Above) GX50 (R2) GX50 (under 1.2GHZ) GX60 GX60 Desktop SX260
Precision Workstation 340 (533MHZ) 450 530 650

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