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Dell Rack Ups 2700W Power Supply H950N
$284.95Free Shipping!
Item Code:
H950N 0H950N CN-0H950N
Item Condition Description:
Open Box Item! May Have Minor Signs Of Pre-Testing & Repackaging. Item comes with Bezel Face Plate, USB Cable, Power Cable, Side Rails, Plugs, User's Manual, and CD.
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Item Description

Dell Online Rack UPS 4U 3000va 208V 2700W Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply H950N 0H950N CN-0H950N. The Dell Online Rack uninterruptible power system (UPS) protects your sensitive electronic equipment from basic power problems such as power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, and line noise.

Dell Part Number:
H950N 0H950N CN-0H950N

- Black Bezel Face Plate
- USB Cable
- Power Cable V6CTJ
- Side Rails
- Plugs
- User's Manual
- CD with Software


- Online UPS design with pure sine wave output. The UPS filters and regulates incoming AC powerand provides consistent power to your equipment without draining the battery.
- True online double-conversion technology with high power density, utility frequencyindependence, and generator compatibility.
- Selectable High Efficiency mode of operation.
- 4U size that fits any standard 48 cm (19") rack.
- Start-on-battery capability for powering up the UPS even if utility power is not available.
- Maintenance is simplified by allowing the safe replacement of batteries without powering down the UPS.
- Extended runtime with an optional External Battery Module (EBM) for 2700W UPS models.
- Emergency shutdown control through the Remote Emergency Power-off (REPO) ports.
- Two standard communication ports (USB and DB-9 serial port).
- Optional Dell Network Management Card with enhanced communication capabilities forincreased power protection and control.
- Advanced power management with the Dell UPS Management Software for graceful shutdownsand power monitoring.
- Sequential shutdown and load management through separate receptacle groups called loadsegments.
- Firmware that is easily upgradable without a service call.
- Backed by worldwide agency approvals


200V-220V - 13.5A

200-220V - 16A




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