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Ati Radeon Hd 5570 2GB Graphics Card
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HP Omni 220-1018TW 1050XT 1080QD 1100T 1150XT 1155XT 1180QD 1185QD Desktop, Omni 27-1000EF 1000ET 1002EE 1002EN 1010EG 1010IN 1010T 1015EF 1015T 1020A 1070EZ All-in-one, Touchsmart 420-1000T 1100T 1000Z 1001GR 1002RU 1010T 1011PL 1012CI 1018D 1020IT 1021GR 1038D 1040A 1040D 1040XT 1079FR 1080FR 1085UK 1100ET 1100Z 1101EJ 1101EX 1102EE 1102ES 1103ES 1109EN 1130EF 1130EZ 1133D 1137D 1140T 1160XT 1165XT 1170A 1171A 1180A 1190EA 1200ED 1200EE 1200EJ 1200EL 1200EU 1201ED 1201EL 1201ER 1202EL 1202EN 1202ER 1203ER 1205ER, Touchsmart 520-1205ES 1210EO 1230EF 1235EF 1240EF Desktop Series
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Item Description

ATI Radeon HD5570 2GB GDDR3 MXM 3.0 Laptop Graphics Video Card 653733-001.

Memory Type: GDDR3
Video Chipset/GPU Model: ATI Radeon HD 5570
Graphics Memory: 2GB
Interface: MXM 3.0

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